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web development training in bangalore Zenrays offers the best Web Development Training in Bangalore. Today Web Development Courses are in huge demand as all Applications are moving towards web and more devices are using web technology to access information. Every company needs a website to put their business online.Therefore ZenRays Technologies provides classroom, online training and Placement Training in Bangalore.


  • We make you develop websites from day one providing the real time coding experience instead of following traditional approach of writing notes, copying PPTs and classroom lectures.

  • We offer complete Web Development Training Courses in Bangalore comprising of following technologies.


  • No matter what your educational background is, you will learn everything from initial structuring to full deployment using AngularJS.

  • We will make you ready for live industry problems by providing an opportunity to work on live industry projects after training. Then you will be able to make from simplest static single page to complex web-based internet applications, social network and electronic services.

  • We organize training with limited number of students per batch in order to pay attention on every individual.

  • Apart from regular weekly batches, we provide Web Development Classes in Bangalore on weekends that are both classroom and online based.

  • We also organize workshops on weekly basis for both working professionals and fresher.

  • Experienced letter, course completion Certificate and Placement assistance are the added advantages we are offering with our web development training.

  • Our trainers are 12+ yrs experienced industry veterans.

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Once you will complete your web development training, you will work on the live project with our experienced industry consultants and experts to gain the mastery on the concepts you have learnt. This will be the last step of your training to get expertise in web development.

We believe in results and mastery this is the reason you will practice project daily under the guidance of experts. After the successful completion of project, you will be added as a contributor to the project undertaken.



1. How will Web Development Course help in my career?
All companies need a website to put their business online and as everything is bending towards the web, Web development is in demand.There are very few experts who know Web Development perfectly.Therefore training in Web Development will help you to stand out of the crowd with hands-on expertise and you will get your dream job with excellent package.

2. How is Course At ZenRays Different than others?
At ZenRays, We just don't train you in Basics, but give you complete in-depth training, with regular code sessions and  brain storming. We don't make you write notes in Class. We make you code with us rigorously till you become an expert.

3. Will there be placement support after training?
Yes, we provide placement assistance to all our candidates who successfully complete training and live project with us and we do not charge for it.

4. Will I get certified after the successful completion of training?
Yes, you will be certified in Web development by Zenrays after the completion of training and the project.

Complete Web Development Course Syllabus in Bangalore

HTML5 Overview
  • HTML5 History/Timeline
  • HTML5 Design Principles
  • What is (and is not) HTML5
  • HTML Review Doctype
  • Root Element
  • Element
HTML5 Elements
  • Content Models
  • New Structural Elements
  • HTML4/HTML5 Comparison
  • Other New Elements
  • Redefined Elements
  • Obsolete Elements
  • HTML5 Outlines
  • When Can I Use It?
  • Feature Detection: Techniques
  • Feature Detection: Examples
  • Feature Detection: Modernizr
  • CSS Styling
  • CSS Validating
  • Accessibility (WAI-ARIA)
  • HTML5 Forms Overview
  • New Input Types: Contact Info
  • New Input Types: Native Date Picking
  • Operas Rendering of Date Input Types
  • New Input Types: Number and Range
  • New Attributes
  • Detecting Support
  • Accessibility (WAI-ARIA)
  • Styling Form Elements
  • Avoiding Validation
  • The Constraint Validation API
  • Custom Validation Example
HTML5 Media
  • Audio and Video Element
  • Using the Media Elements
  • Attributes
  • Formats
  • Serving Device-Specific Files
  • Accessibility
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Media API
  • Rolling Custom Controls
  • Canvas Overview
  • The Canvas Element
  • The 2D Context
  • The Coordinate System
  • Rectangles
  • Paths
  • Paths, Drawing Methods
  • Curves and Arcs
  • Colors and Styles
  • Geolocation Overview
  • Privacy Concerns
  • API Methods
  • API Attributes
  • Using the Geolocation API:Success Handlers
  • Using the Geolocation API: Error Handlers
  • Using the Geolocation API: The Third Argument
  • watchPosition() and clearWatch()
  • Fallback Support: Geo.js
Local Data Storage
  • Local Data Storage Overview
  • Web Storage Overview
  • Web Storage API
  • Data Types
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Accessing Storage
  • The Storage Event
  • Database APIs
Web Workers
  • Web Workers Overview
  • What Can You Do with a Worker?
  • Message Passing
  • Shared Workers: The Parent Page
  • Latest standards of CSS3
  • Why CSS3?
  • What is CSS?
  • Border radius
  • Box shadow
  • Text shadow
  • Transitions
  • Transforms
  • Gradients
  • Multiple backgrounds
  • Font face
  • Introduction
  • Installing bootstrap
  • Creating first page using bootstrap
  • Bootstrap container
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Example for Grid System
  • Clearfix
  • Nested Columns
  • Typography
  • Handling Tables
  • Form Handling
  • Horizontal Form
  • Vertical Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • Input Controls
  • Icons
  • Form Element
  • Buttons
  • Form Validation
  • Handling Images
  • Navigation Items and Dropdown
  • Navbars
  • Modals
  • Carousels
JavaScript Syntax :
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Basic Rules
  • Dot Notation
  • Square Bracket Notation
JavaScript Objects, Methods and Properties :
  • Methods
  • Properties
  • The Implicit window Object
  • The getElementById() Method
  • Event Handler
Variables, Arrays and Operators
  • JavaScript Variables
  • A Loosely-typed Language
  • Storing User-Entered Data
  • Arrays
  • Declaring and using Arrays
  • Associative Arrays
  • Understanding Controllers Boundary and Scopes
  • Array Properties and Methods
  • JavaScript Operators
JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Built-in Functions Number(object) String(object)
  • isNaN(object)parseFloat() and parseInt()
Built-in Functions vs. Methods
  • A Comparison
User-defined Functions
  • Passing Values to Functions A Note on Variable Scope
  • Returning Values from Functions
  • A comparison
Built-In JavaScript Objects
  • String Object
  • Math Object
  • Date
  • Object, Uses
  • Using the type of Operator
Conditionals and Loops
  • If - else If - else Conditions
  • Switch / Case
  • while Loop Syntax
  • do while Loop Syntax for Loop Syntax
  • for in Loop Syntax
JavaScript DOM Manipulation
  • Understanding DOM
  • DOM Tree
  • Traversing the DOM
  • Accessing DOM Elements
  • Modifying DOM Elements Using JavaScript
  • Accessing Form Data
  • The this Object
  • Cleaner Validation
  • Validating Radio Buttons
  • Validating Checkboxes
  • Validating Select Menus
  • Focus, Blur, and Change Events
  • Change
  • Validating Text areas
AngularJS Introduction
  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • How AngularJS is opinionated
  • AngularJS Components and Architecture
AngularJS Applications
  • Creating Boundaries using ng-app
  • Model View Controller
  • Templates and Data Binding
  • Repeating elements in templates
  • Using Expressions, CSS Classes and Styles
  • Using Controllers for UI responsibility separation
  • Understanding Controllers Boundary and Scopes
  • Scope inheritance in Controllers
  • Responding to model changes
  • Working with inbuilt directives
Using Filters
  • Filters Overview
  • Understanding Filter Expressions
  • Building custom Filters
  • Implementing filters and custom filters in example
  • Understanding Built-in Directives
Routing in AngularJS
  • Understanding routing in AngularJS
  • Using ngRoute Module
  • Creating routes
  • Passing parameters to Routes
Hands On
  • Creating a simple E Commerce Front End Page using AngularJS.
Dependency Injection in AngularJS
  • Dependency Injection
  • Services, Factories and providers
  • Modularity using Services
  • Injecting Services
  • Creating Custom Factories and Providers
  • Creating example using services
  • Directives Overview
  • Creating Directives
  • The Directive Definition Object
  • Compilation and Linking
  • Creating Components
  • Implementing directives in the example app
Communicating with Servers
  • Understanding server communicating with angular
  • Communicating over $http
  • Installation and configuration
  • Apache administration
  • Virtual hosts and aliases
  • Directory protection and CGI
  • Apache Modules
  • Common Apache Modules
  • Apache Config files and variables
  • Overwriting Config values using .htaccess file
  • User webpages
  • Wamp Installation
  • Wamp components
  • Configuring Apache in Wamp
  • Configuring PHP in Wamp
  • MYSQL basic configuration
  • Upgrading and downgrading versions in wamp
  • Hands-on Session
PHP Installation
  • Installing development environ with PHP, MySQL and Apache
  • Post install configuration of PHP.ini file for enabling and disabling features
  • Important tags in PHP.ini file
  • Understanding httpd.conf file for fine tuning apache.
  • Environmental security considerations on Unix/Linux
  • Exercise and project
Arrays and Hashes
  • Defining arrays in PHP
  • List
  • Hashes
  • Use of lists, arrays and hashes
  • Extracting array elements in a loop
  • Catching list elements in separate variables using split() and list()
  • Extracting hash elements in loop using values()
  • Extracting hash keys in a loop using keys()
  • Extraction values and keys using value=>key syntax
  • Serializing and un-serializing arrays and hashes
  • Storing arrays in disk files and using later.
  • Passing arrays as references and values to a function
  • Array function: array_split, array_chunk, array_count_values, array_fill, array_key_exists, array_pop, array_push etc.
  • Merging arrays
Objects and classes
  • Basic
  • Defining a PHP Class
  • Constructor
  • Default constructor and destructor in PHP 5
  • Public , Private and protected variables
  • Including external class files
  • Function Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Example of class using a sample User class
  • RequireÔÇØ, ÔÇ£includeÔÇØ and ÔÇ£include_onceÔÇØ
  • Hands-on Session
Advance Classes and Objects
  • Auto loading class objects
  • Using static keyword in classes
  • Scope resolution
  • Class Constant
  • Abstract class concept and demo
  • Interfaces concept and demo
  • Object Iteration
  • Patterns
  • Magic Methods
  • Using "final" keyword Object Cloning
Variables and Globals
  • Basics
  • Pre-defined variable
  • Variable Scope
  • Using "global" keyword
  • Writing user defined functions
  • Many different ways to write PHP functions
  • Passing arguments
  • Returning values
  • Returning Multiple Values
  • Default parameters and precautions
  • Filesystem : basename, copy, dirname, fopen, fread, fwrite, foef, fclose, fgets, file, filesize, fputs, is_dir, is_file, is_executable, stat
  • Strings: trim, echo, explode, fprintf, implode, join, md5, str_word_count, strlen, substr, substr_replace, wordwrap
  • HTTP: header, base64_encode, base64_decode, parse_url, urlencode, urldecode
  • File upload: POST method uploads, error messages
  • Mathematical functions: abs, sin, cos ,tan, pi, pow, min, max, log, log10, hexdec, exp, deg2rad, rad2deg, srand, rand, round, is_nan, is_infinite, is_finite, fmod, floor, ceil, sqrt
Advanced Topics
  • Variables
  • Concept of reference in PHP
  • How references are used
  • How references are NOT used
  • Passing a references
  • Returning a reference
  • Unsetting a defined reference
  • Spotting references
HTML Forms
  • Understanding forms and input fields
  • Reading form variables in PHP using POST method
  • Reading from variables in PHP using GET method
  • Carrying values from one page to another using QUERY_STRING
  • PHP sessions and cookies
Database Abstraction Layer
  • Concept of database abstraction
  • Implementing a DB class with MYSQL example
  • Making database queries using implementing DB class
  • Changing DB class to work with SQLite
  • Understanding AJAX
  • Using PHP with AJAX
  • Using JavaScript to pass variables to PHP
  • Using PHP to render JavaScript
  • Demo of login from using PHP and AJAX
  • Passing variables to PHP from JavaScript and Vs- an another approach using cookies
SOAP and XML RPC(Web Services)
  • Implementing working SOAP client and server (using nuSOAP)
  • Implementing working XML RPC client and server (using PEAR)
  • Practice of web services by writing new working services.
Advanced PHP
  • Introduction to frameworks
  • Introduction to MVC design pattern
  • Working with controllers
  • View
  • Understanding Templating
  • Introduction to MVC design pattern
  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Understanding composer
  • Installing laravel
  • Understanding laravel directory structures
  • Creating starter app using laravel
  • Working with database migrations
  • Understanding controllers in laravel
  • Working with controllers
  • Understanding views in laravel
  • Creating a view class
  • Understanding models
  • Creating a model class
  • Working with blade templates
  • Understanding Test Driven development
  • Writing tests for Laravel Applications
  • Creating a complete MVC flow with controller, view and model
  • Understanding REST Services
  • Implementing REST services in Laravel

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About Faculty: 

Sumit Kohli is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, He has extensively worked in backend and front end technologies.After working as software architect and technical advisor today he consults many product based companies. He is also a corporate trainer and has trained in more than 50 Multi Nationals in Front end and back end Technologies.