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ZenRays provides the best Software Testing Training in Bangalore. Testing is very important since all software is developed so that it works effectively without any bugs. The kind of testing need to be done depends on various factors- project requirement, cost, time etc. that’s why we offer the complete package of testing. We offer assured Placement Training in Bangalore

  • There is a huge demand for candidates having knowledge of complete testing as development continues. Hence, at ZenRays we cover manual testing, advanced and automated testing using Selenium(open source framework).

  • Our course is designed for both fresher and working professionals which is industry specific.

  • Our sessions are hands-on and opportunity to work on Real Time Live Project with us will help you to excel in Testing.

  • ZenRays is the best Software Testing Training Institutes in Bangalore. Post training you will learn how to use different automation tool, and most importantly Selenium who have the support of largest browser vendor.

  • We make you to learn practically from day one instead of making you copy PPTs and writing notes.

  • We have Software Testing Classes in Bangalore available both classroom and online classes facilities.

  • Both weekdays and weekends batches are provided as per the ease of the candidates.

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Our training program is complemented with industry specific live project which not only helps you to apply the things you have learnt but also helps you to understand the real time based problems. This will in return take you to the stage of mastery. The last stage of the project, then you will be the well trained in the testing domain.

At ZenRays we say NO to Dummy Projects. Whatever project you work on is Actual and Industry Specific. After successful completion of project your name is added as a contributor to the project which you can showcase at Interviews as a mark of your expertise.


1. How will Manual and Automated Testing Course help in my career?
As long as software will b developed there will be the requirement of testing experts. All the company with every kind of projects needs the person to test their software so there will always be the demand for testing and they are highly paid. Hence we at Zenrays provide you the complete course of testing along with selenium so that you can land in job with handsome salary.

2. How is Course At ZenRays Different than others?
At ZenRays, We just don't train you in Basics, but give you complete in-depth training, with regular code sessions and  brain storming. We don't make you write notes in Class. We make you code with us rigorously till you become an expert.

3. Will there be placement support after training?
Yes, we provide placement support to all our candidates who successfully complete training and live project with us. This placement support is fully free of cost.

4. Will I get certified after the complete training?
Yes, you will be getting a certificate after completing training and live project. You will get certified by ZenRays.

Complete Software Testing Course Training in Bangalore with 100% Placement Support

  • What is Software Testing?
  • Why is it important?
Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)
  • Waterfall model SDLC
  • V model SDLC
  • Agile Model SDLC
Software Requirement Analysis
  • Types Of Requirements
  • What is Test Strategy?
  • How to create an efficient Test Strategy?
Different types of Manual Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
Test Cases and Types of test cases
  • What are Test Cases?
  • Functional Test case
  • Performance Test case
  • Security Test case
  • UI Test case
How to create a good test (The key points to keep in mind while designing a test case)
  • Defect verification
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Defect Reporting/tracking
Tools used for defect tracking
  • Test Summary
  • Test Report Preparation
  • What is Automation Testing and why it is important to learn Automation?
  • Limitations of Manual Testing
  • Limitations of Automation Testing
  • What we need to Automate?
  • What is Selenium and what kind of testing we can perform using selenium?
  • Advantages of Selenium
  • What is the difference between Selenium and QTP?
Different Components of Selenium
  • IDE
  • Selenium-RC
  • Selenium-Grid
  • Selenium WebDriver/Selenium 2.0
Selenium IDE
  • What is Selenium IDE
  • How to Install Selenium IDE
  • Recording and playback using Selenium IDE
  • IDE Context Menu
  • Actions, Accessors, Assertion in Selenium IDE
  • Verify in Selenium IDE
  • Difference between assert and verify in Selenium IDE
  • How to add a comment in Selenium IDE
  • How to create a test case and save the test case in selenium IDE
  • Creating test suites in selenium IDE
  • How to import test case and test suites in Selenium IDE
  • How to take screenshots in Selenium IDE
  • Limitations of Selenium IDE
  • Important Selenium IDE command
  • Open
  • click/clickAndWait
  • type/typeKeys
  • verifyTitle/assertTitle
  • verifyTextPresent
  • verifyElementPresent
  • verifyTable
  • waitForPageToLoad
  • waitForElementPresent
  • goBack
  • pause
  • captureEntirePageScreenshotAndWait
  • Tools to identify elements/objects
  • Firebug
  • What is XPath and how to locate element using XPath
  • How to locate element using CSS
  • Advantage or disadvantage of using XPath over CSS
  • How to locate elements by ID
  • How to locate elements by name
  • How to locate elements by link text
Selenium WebDriver
  • Use Of Selenium WebDriver in the industry
  • What is difference between Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver
  • How to configure Selenium WebDriver in eclipse
  • Which all browser we can automate using Selenium WebDriver
  • How to create a script in Selenium WebDriver
  • How to automate a form using Selenium WebDriver
  • How to find a broken link in your application using Selenium Webdriver
  • How to automate an alert using Selenium WebDriver
  • How to automate a checkbox using Selenium WebDriver
  • How to automate a dropdown using selenium Webdriver
  • How to automate a frame using Selenium WebDriver
  • How to give implicit and explicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver
  • How to Capture Screenshots in Selenium Webdriver
  • Limitations of Selenium WebDriver
TestNG Framework
  • What is TestNG Framework and Why TestNG is used
  • How TestNG makes automation easy
  • Advantage of using TestNG over JUnit
  • How to install TestNG in eclipse
  • Annotations in TestNG
  • Creating a running a simple test script using TestNG
  • How to prioritize the execution of tests in the TestNG
  • Hard and Soft Assertions in TestNG
  • How to create testng.xml file
  • How to execute multiple test cases using testng.xml
  • How to create a test suite using testng.xml
  • Advantage of testng.xml file
  • How to perform cross browser testing using TestNG
  • Generating the test reports using TestNG
How to read data from the Excel files using Apache POI
  • Including the Poi Jar files in the project
  • Write a java program to read the data from excel sheet
Properties file in Java
  • How to create properties file in java
  • How to read a data from the properties file
AutoIt Tool
  • Why AutoIt is used with selenium
  • Download AutoIt
  • How to check the help section in AutoIt
  • How to use finder tool in AutoIt
  • How to create an AutoIt script
  • How to integrate AutoIt with selenium
  • Important methods used in AutoIt
  1. ControlFocus
  2. ControlSetText
  3. ControlClick
  4. WinWait
  5. Sleep
Maven With Selenium
  • Why Maven with selenium
  • How to configure Maven in Eclipse
  • How to create a build in Maven
  • How to execute a build in Maven
  • How to analyze the reports using Maven
Jenkin With Selenium
  • Why Jenkins with selenium
  • Download and Install Jenkins
  • Configure Jenkins
  • Create a batch file
  • Execute Jenkins Job
How to use GitHub for selenium projects
  • Downloading and configuring GitHub
  • Basic Git commands
  • Working with repository
  • Creating a repository
  • Committing and syncing the code
  • Reverting and rolling back the code
  • Resolving the conflicts
Java Topics
  • Installing Java, Installing Eclipse
  • Features of Java, Why Java for Selenium
  • First Java program, Data types in Java
  • String class , if statements
  • Conditional and concatenation operators
  • While Loop, For Loops
  • Practical Examples with loops , Usage of loops in Selenium
  • Creating Objects in Java , Local Variables
  • Global Variables , OOPS concept , Constructors
  • Concept of Inheritance and working Example
  • Interface and Overloading and Overriding Functions
  • Accessing modifiers  Public, Private, Default, Protected ÔÇô
  • Exception handling in java
FrameWorks In Selenium
  • Data Driven FrameWork
  • KeyWord Driven FrameWork
  • Hybrid FrameWork
  • Difference between Data Driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid framework
  • What is Object repository in a selenium framework
Project Work
  • Design keyword driven framework for our website

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