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I attended training in angularjs and html the coding was simple ,learnt many things it was good overall..

AngularJS & HTML5

I attended training in Angularjs coding it was a good experience.

Student SDMCET, Dharwad

I attended training in Angularjs and Html .The workshop was helpful. I got to know about the present requirements of the company and I learnt Angularjs. which was new for me.


I attended training in AngularJS and HTML by Ankit and Sumit. It was amazing. These guys were really made me understood the basics of AngularJS and HTML without any pen and paper.

AngularJS and HTML

I attended training in Angularjs and HTML. It was a very nice experience.Learned to code and make web applications using latest technologies.

AngularJS & HTML5

My name is AMAN VERMA and i attended training in angularjs and HTML at SDMCET,dharwad.the overall workshop was quiet fantastic.both the co-ordinator was so friendly to us. but only demerit is of lack of time .... overall it was interest generating program.... thanx for coming.

Student SDMCET, Dharwad

I felt it was a good training session and trainers helped us in getting output.


My name is Sahana R Patil from SDMCET dharwad and i attended the training in Angularjs and HTML. It was a good experience. Learnt a lot of new things which are helpful for my future projects. The trainers were very co-operative and helped us to develop the code by our own. Thanks for the training.

Student SDMCET Dharwad

My name is Sharath and I attended training in angularjs and html and i feel i am confident in creating my own web app. really enjoyed the experience.

AngularJS & Html5

My name is shruti .I really liked this workshop in which u have taught us HTML and Java language's...we really have to thank u for informing us about today's technology...... Thanks u....

HTML & Java