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Course : Python


Python Training in Bangalore | Sushma

Zenrays technology is the best training centre for those who want to learn coding. I have learnt to think creatively. Iam enjoying the classes. The way the faculty team teaches is good. I have learnt to code after joining.

Course : Web development 

I joined ZenRays Technologies ÔÇïone month before.I am attending web development class. I am very happy with the classes. It is a good place to learn coding. Trainers are very helpful.I got to learn new things about html, javascript, jquery. 

Course : Python and Django


Excellent cooperation from all the people,expert teaching personalities,very good way of teaching,very practical learning,on spot execution.Any of your doubts doesn't remain uncleared.A place where one can learn programing to excel. 

<p><strong>Course :&nbsp;&nbsp;Manual And Automation Testing</strong></p>

<p>Shankaracharya Engineering college, MCA</p>

<p>I think the class was right choice for me. &nbsp;I not only got familiar with technical words and concepts &nbsp;but also got opportunity to work on live project. Recorded video session was also provided to us at the end of the class for quick reference in case of any doubt. Instructor used to give us assignments (like test cases/scenarios writing on live project) &nbsp;regularly and emphasize more on real time aspect of the course, creativity and innovative thinking which I liked very much.</p>


Java Training in Bangalore | Tamilselvi

Classes are going good. It is very helpful. All classes are practical sessions. Am learning to code 

JavaScript Training in Bangalore | Terence

Training is going on with specified requirements as stated during the admission process. All sessions are complete hands-on. 


Course : Web Development


Hello Folks,

I am working in Genisys Information System. I joined Zenrays to change my domain from Linux Admin to Web Developer. Currently, I can say i am on my way. Sumit is our Guider(tutor), great persona and knowledge. MSP of Zenrays:- 

Industrial project

Course : Manual And Automation Testing

Vivekananda college tuttur, CSE

i attended the javascript class and they teach us in detail. It is the good platform to learn. They also do courses for different languages.