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React Bootcamp

  • React.js is developed by Facebook and relies on reusable components for UI development using Virtual DOM, allowing developers to render views where data changes over time.

  • React applications are more scalable and more maintainable, making developers more efficient and users more satisfied.

  • Redux is a JavaScript library for managing client data in apps. You can use Redux together with React or with any other view library. 

  • Exploring Front End Tools - Webpack, Saas, Linting etc

  • Learning React JS

  • Integration React with Redux

  • React Router & Redux Middleware

  • Building Single Page E-Commerce application

  • Hosting developed application

  • Understanding of JavaScript [ES6], HTML/CSS.

1. How will ReactJS Course help in my career?
Today most of the companies demand for ReactJS because it saves your time and makes you work more efficiently.It also expands your reach to mobile development

2. Should I learn ES6 before learning ReactJS?
You don’t have to learn ES6 in order to learn React. React was born before but you should learn ES6 regardless of whether you learn React or not. The new features of ES6 are a response to best practices. 

3. Do I need to know NodeJS to learn React?
No, you don't have to know NodeJS.

4. How much is the total Fees?
The total fees of the React Bootcamp course is 10,500 and for NRI and foreign participants it is 12,500.

5. What is advantages of ReactJS?
It uses Virtual DOM which improves apps performance. It can be used on client and server side as well as with other frameworks.

6. What are the limitations of ReactJS?
It is only for view layer . It uses inline templates and JSX

7. What is JSX?
It is a preprocessor step which adds XML syntax to JavaScript

8. Can I use React without JSX?
Yes, you can definitely use React without JSX but JSX makes react more elegant

9. What is Babel?
It is a JavaScript transpiler.

Day Topic Description Duration in Hours
  • Modern Web Architecture
  • and Tools
  • Modern Web App v/s Traditional Web App
  • Single Page Application
  • Front End Frameworks and Need
  • SASS
  • NPM
  • Listing
  • Scripts
  • Webpack
  • Webpack Bundler and Webpack-Dev-Server
  • ReactJS
  • Router v4
  • Components
  • State
  • Props
  • Link, NavLink, Routing etc in Single Page Application
  • Redux
  • Basics of Redux Store
  • Redux
  • Store dispatch
  • Middleware
  • Subscribing to store change and passing data as props to component
  • Changing store data using dispatch
  • Thunk Middleware and logger
  • Ajax Call
  • Prod Bundle and Deployment
  • Fetch API calls to get data from server an render to component
  • Deploy and host developed application to live server over internet

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