Practical PHP and Laravel Training

PHP Course is the server side scripting language used to manage session tracking, databases, dynamic content and building e-commerce sites etc. Zenrays Technologies provides you training on PHP Course in Bangalore

If you are planning to code in new booming technology then come to Zenrays.

  • We provide you the complete training for PHP covering basic concepts to the advanced one with experienced industry experts.

  • You will learn to work on powerful MVC PHP framework named Laravel , a simple toolkit to create full featured web applications.

  • An opportunity to work on live project with our in-house development team will be provided in order to polish your skills. In this way you will gain expertise in the opted domain and hence will get better job opportunities with good package.

  • We have arranged both weekend and weekdays classes for the ease of both working professionals and fresher.

  • Workshops are also conducted for the one who wants to go for short-term course.This is 2-days workshop with 16 hr duration.

  • Our trainers are experienced industry consultants with more than 10 yrs of experience.

  • An experience letter along with course completion certificate will be given to the candidates after successful completion of training.

ZenRays Review By Uchit

Our top notch training coupled with a live project is icing on cake. Once you have mastered PHP during training, we start with Live Industry Project. During Project you code with our consultants and experts daily to become a master of PHP. This is the last part of your Training that makes you an expert in PHP with the use of Laravel.

At ZenRays we say NO to Dummy Projects. Whatever project you will work on will be Actual and Industry Specific. After successful completion of project your name is added as a contributor to the project which you can showcase at Interviews as a mark of your expertise.


1. How will PHP Course help to shape my career?
None of the technology can be constant but choosing the right one for the good future, PHP is best. Many companies are doing modifications to use PHP by developing supporting frameworks and new technologies. As PHP is and will be in demand, your career is secured under this domain. Coding in PHP with us will help you to shape your future with good salary

2. How is Course at ZenRays different than others?
At ZenRays, We just don't train you in Basics, but give you complete in-depth training, with regular code sessions and  brain storming. We don't make you write notes in Class. We make you code with us rigorously till you become an expert.

3. Will there be placement support after training?
Yes, we provide placement support to all our candidates who successfully complete training and live project with us. This placement support is fully free of cost.

4. Will I get certified after the complete training?
Yes, you will be getting a certificate after completing training and live project. You will get certified by ZenRays.

PHP and Advanced PHP Content

Our Course content starts from basic and is as per industry standards to make you expert programmer and get a high end package.

  • Installation and configuration
  • Apache administration
  • Virtual hosts and aliases
  • Directory protection and CGI
  • Apache Modules
  • Common Apache Modules
  • Apache Config files and variables
  • Overwriting Config values using .htaccess file
  • User webpages
  • Wamp Installation
  • Wamp components
  • Configuring Apache in wamp
  • Configuring PHP in WAMP
  • MYSQL basic configuration
  • Upgrading and downgrading versions in wamp
  • Hands-on Session
PHP Installation
  • Installing development environ with PHP, MySQL and Apache
  • Post install configuration of PHP.ini file for enabling and disabling features
  • Important tags in PHP.ini file
  • Understanding httpd.conf file for fine tuning apache.
  • Environmental security considerations on Unix/Linux
  • Exercise and project
Arrays and Hashes
  • Defining arrays in PHP
  • List
  • Hashes
  • Use of lists, arrays and hashes
  • Extracting array elements in a loop
  • Catching list elements in separate variables using split() and list()
  • Extracting hash elements in loop using values()
  • Extracting hash keys in a loop using keys()
  • Extraction values and keys using value=>key syntax
  • Serializing and un-serializing arrays and hashes
  • Storing arrays in disk files and using later.
  • Passing arrays as references and values to a function
  • Array function: array_split, array_chunk, array_count_values, array_fill, array_key_exists, array_pop, array_push etc.
  • Merging arrays
Objects and classes
  • Basic
  • Defining a PHP Class
  • Constructor
  • Default constructor and desconstructor in PHP 5
  • Public , Private and protected variables
  • Including external class files
  • Function Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Example of class using a sample User class
  • Require”, “include” and “include_once”
  • Hands-on Session
Advance Classes and Objects
  • Auto loading class objects
  • Using static keyword in classes
  • Scope resolution
  • Class Constant
  • Abstract class concept and demo
  • Interfaces concept and demo
  • Object Iteration
  • Patterns
  • Magic Methods
  • Using "final" keyword Object Cloning
Variables and Globals
  • Basics
  • Pre-defined variable
  • Variable Scope
  • Using "global" keyword
  • Writing user defined functions
  • Many different ways to write PHP functions
  • Passing arguments
  • Returning values
  • Returning Multiple Values
  • Default parameters and precautions
  • Filesystem : basename, copy, dirname, fopen, fread, fwrite, foef, fclose, fgets, file, filesize, fputs, is_dir, is_file, is_executable, stat
  • Strings: trim, echo, explode, fprintf, implode, join, md5, str_word_count, strlen, substr, substr_replace, wordwrap
  • HTTP: header, base64_encode, base64_decode, parse_url, urlencode, urldecode
  • File upload: POST method uploads, error messages
  • Mathematical functions: abs, sin, cos ,tan, pi, pow, min, max, log, log10, hexdec, exp, deg2rad, rad2deg, srand, rand, round, is_nan, is_infinite, is_finite, fmod, floor, ceil, sqrt
Advanced Topics
  • Variables
  • Concept of reference in PHP
  • How references are used
  • How references are NOT used
  • Passing a references
  • Returning a reference
  • Unsetting a defined reference
  • Spotting references
HTML Forms
  • Understanding forms and input fields
  • Reading form variables in PHP using POST method
  • Reading from variables in PHP using GET method
  • Carrying values from one page to another using QUERY_STRING
  • PHP sessions and cookies
Database Abstraction Layer
  • Concept of database abstraction
  • Implementing a DB class with MYSQL example
  • Making database queries using implementing DB class
  • Changing DB class to work with SQLite
  • Understanding AJAX
  • Using PHP with AJAX
  • Using JavaScript to pass variables to PHP
  • Using PHP to render JavaScript
  • Demo of login from using PHP and AJAX
  • Passing variables to PHP from JavaScript and Vs- an another approach using cookies
SOAP and XML RPC(Web Services)
  • Implementing working SOAP client and server (using nusoap)
  • Implementing working XML RPC client and server (using PEAR)
  • Practice of web services by writing new working services.
Advanced PHP
  • Introduction to frameworks
  • Introduction to MVC design pattern
  • Working with controllers
  • View
  • Understanding Templating
  • Introduction to MVC design pattern
  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Understanding composer
  • Installing laravel
  • Understanding laravel directory structures
  • Creating starter app using laravel
  • Working with database migrations
  • Understanding controllers in laravel
  • Working with controllers
  • Understanding views in laravel
  • Creating a view class
  • Understanding models
  • Creating a model class
  • Working with blade templates
  • Understanding Test Driven development
  • Writing tests for Laravel Applications
  • Creating a complete MVC flow with controller, view and model
  • Understanding REST Services
  • Implementing REST services in Laravel