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Zenrays offers the best MEAN Stack Training in Bangalore. Today Mean Stack Course is in huge demand as all application are moving towards web and more devices are using web technology to access information. Every company needs a website to put their business online. Therefore Zenrays Technologies provides classroom and online training on MEAN Stack Course.

  • We make you develop website from day one providing the real time coding experience instead of following traditional approach of writing notes, copying PPTs and classroom lectures.

  • No matter what your educational background is, you will learn everything from initial structuring to full deployment using AngularJS.
  • We will make you ready for live industry problems by providing an opportunity to work on Real Time Live Projects after the MEAN Stack Training in Bangalore. Then you will be able to make from simplest static single page to complex web-based internet applications, social network and electronic services.

  • We organize training with limited number of students per batch in order to pay attention on every individual.We also organize workshops on weekly basis for both working professionals and fresher.

  • Apart from regular weekly batches, we provide weekend classes that are both classroom and online based.

  • Experienced Letter, Course Completion Certificate and Placement Assistance are the added advantage we are offering with this training.

  • Our trainers are 12+ yr experienced industry veterans.

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Once you will complete your mean stack training, you will work on the live project with our experienced industry consultants and experts to gain the mastery on the concepts you have learnt. This will be the last step of your training to get expertise in web development.

We believe in results and mastery this is the reason you will practice project daily under the guidance of experts. After the successful completion of project, you will be added as a contributor to the project undertaken.



1. How is Course At ZenRays Different than others?
At ZenRays, We just don't train you in Basics, but give you complete in-depth training, with regular code sessions and  brain storming. We don't make you write notes in Class. We make you code with us rigorously till you become an expert.

2. Will there be placement support after training?
Yes, we provide placement assistance to all our candidates who successfully complete training and live project with us and we do not charge for it.

3. Will I get certified after the successful completion of training?
Yes, you will be certified in Web development by Zenrays after the completion of training and the project.

MEAN Stack Training Course Content in Bangalore


Introduction to TypeScript

  • Installing and Setting up TypeScript
  • Compile time vs Run time
  • Typescript syntax,keyword
  • Static and Dynamic typing
  • Introduction to data types
  • Functions in TypeScript
  • Creating classes and trans-piling to JS4
  • Inheritance in TypeScript
  • Understanding public,private,protected
  • Objects in TypeScript
  • interfaces in TypeScript
  • Templates

AngularJS Introduction :

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • How AngularJS is opinionated
  • AngularJS Components and Architecture

AngularJS Applications :

  • Creating Boundaries using ng-app
  • Model View Controller
  • Templates and Data Binding
  • Repeating elements in templates
  • Using Expressions, CSS Classes and Styles
  • Using Controllers for UI responsibility separation
  • Understanding Controllers Boundary and Scopes
  • Scope inheritance in Controllers
  • Responding to model changes
  • Working with inbuilt directives

Using Filters :

  • Filters Overview
  • Understanding Filter Expressions
  • Building custom Filters
  • Implementing filters and custom filters in example
  • Understanding Built-in Directives

Routing in AngularJS :

  • Understanding routing in AngularJS
  • Using ngRoute Module
  • Creating routes
  • Passing parameters to Routes

Hands On:

  • Creating a simple E-Commerce Front End Page using AngularJS.

Dependency Injection in AngularJS :

  • Dependency Injection
  • Services, Factories and providers
  • Modularity using Services
  • Injecting Services
  • Creating Custom Factories and Providers
  • Creating example using services

Directives :

  • Directives Overview
  • Creating Directives
  • The Directive Definition Object
  • Compilation and Linking
  • Creating Components
  • Implementing directives in the example app

Communicating with Servers :

  • Understanding server communicating with angular
  • Communicating over $http
  • Configuring the requests
  • Sending Http Headers
  • Caching Responses
  • Request and Response Transformation

Using REST :

  • Working with get to fetch data
  • Post, Put, Delete

Testing Overview :

  • Testing Models using Jasmine
  • Creating Unit tests for AngularJS Components
  • Using Protractor for end to end testing
  • Creating End to End tests for AngularJS

Advanced topics in AngularJS :

  • Creating Advanced Routes using UI-Router
  • Using local storage with AngularJS
  • Scripts optimizations
  • Securing AngularJS application

Mobile Application Development Using AngularJS :

  • Introduction to Ionic framework
  • Installation and configuring ionic
  • Creating Apps using Ionic
  • Using the ionic command line
  • Deploying Sample Application using Ionic

Routing in AngularJS :

  • Understanding routing in AngularJS
  • Using ngRoute Module
  • Creating routes
  • Passing parameters to Routes

Introduction to AngularJS 2 :

  • Setting up AngularJS 2
  • Creating component class
  • Importing
  • Bootstrapping AngularJS 2 app

Understanding about templates

  • Building a Template
  • Building a Component
  • Adding logic using Directive
  • Data Binding
  • Defining Interfaces
  • Using Life cycle hooks
  • Building Nested Components


  • Understanding about Services
  • Building a service
  • Using service in components
  • Sending http requests


  • Understanding about Routing
  • Configuring routes
  • Parameters in routes


  • Application optimization
  • Securing AngularJS code
  • Deployment

Nodejs and express

  • Introduction what is Node.JS
  • Importance of being asynchronous
  • Asynchronous Javascript
  • Node.JS event loop
  • Node.JS process
  • file system
  • FS module
  • Reading directories
  • Reading Files
  • Streaming
  • Building servers
  • Creating servers with HTTP
  • Receiving data
  • HTTP streaming
  • Working with TCP
  • CommonJS Modules
  • npm Packages
  • The EventEmitter API


  • Introduction to ExpressJS
  • Routing
  • Configuration
  • Views
  • Middleware
  • Working With Data
  • Working With
  • Processes and cluster
  • Child Process Module
  • Why clusters
  • The cluster object
  • The worker object
  • Best Practices
  • NPM
  • Node.js API design
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging
  • Hosting Node
  • Why do we need hosts
  • Forever
  • PM2
  • Node on Windows
  • Node as a Windows Service
  • IISNode
  • Unit testing

MongoDB Course Content

  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • Create database
  • Create table
  • Insert into
  • Select from
  • query
  • Mongo sort
  • Mongo delete
  • Drop
  • Limit
  • JOIN
  • Advance concepts of MONGO
  • Map Reduce
  • Hands-on application

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