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Master JavaScript in just one week

JavaScript Bootcamp Training in Bangalore

  • To master the art of JavaScript and Design pattern in a week

  • HTML5

  • CSS

1. Why JavaScript?
JavaScript is to program the web page behaviour.

2. How will JavaScript course help in my career?

Today, JavaScript is the important language that none of the web developer can ignore and hence candidates with this skill set is in demand. Apart from huge requirement, it's easy to master as compared to other programming languages. With our training you will achieve the hands-on and will be able to make your own creative web pages ultimately leading you to get a good job.

3. How much is the course fee?
The total fees of the JavaScript Bootcamp course is 9,500 and for NRI and foreign participants it is 11,500.

4. Where to keep JavaScript code?
It must be put in between <script> & </script> tags.

Module 1 : Core JavaScript, Variables and Functions

JavaScript Syntax :
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Basic Rules
  • Dot Notation
  • Square Bracket Notation
JavaScript Objects, Methods and Properties :
  • Methods
  • Properties
  • The Implicit window Object
  • The getElementById() Method
  • Event Handler
Variables, Arrays and Operators :
  • JavaScript Variables
  • A Loosely-typed Language
  • Storing User-Entered Data
  • Arrays
  • Declaring and using Arrays
  • Array Properties and Methods
  • JavaScript Operators
JavaScript Functions :
  • JavaScript Built-in Functions Number(object) String(object)
  • isNaN(object)parseFloat() and parseInt()
Built-in Functions vs. Methods :
  • A Comparison
User-defined Functions :


  • Passing Values to Functions A Note on Variable Scope
  • Returning Values from Functions
  • A comparison
Built-In JavaScript Objects :
  • String Object
  • Math Object
  • Date
  • Object, Uses
  • Using the type of Operator
Conditionals and Loops :
  • If - else If - else Conditions
  • Switch / Case
  • while Loop Syntax
  • do while Loop Syntax for Loop Syntax
  • for in Loop Syntax
JavaScript DOM Manipulation :
  • Understanding DOM
  • DOM Tree
  • Traversing the DOM
  • Accessing DOM Elements
  • Modifying DOM Elements Using JavaScript
  • Accessing Form Data
  • The this Object

MODULE 2: JavaScript Classes, Objects

Class :
  • Understanding Classes Creating Class Variables Public and private variables Class Members
  • Public vs. Private members in JavaScript
  • Inner functions vs. Class Members
  • Using the Object Context this
  • Creating class Templates using JavaScript
Constructors :
  • Understanding Constructors creating objects using constructors
  • Object creation by constructors vs. literals
  • Literals vs. Constructors
Properties :
  • Understanding Class properties
  • Creating properties in Class
  • Accessing properties outside the class using Objects public properties
  • Private properties
  • Specific use cases of private properties
Methods :
  • Understanding Methods or functions in classes
  • Creating methods
  • Accessing Methods outside classes
  • Public vs. private methods
  • Using public methods outside the class private methods use cases
  • Class specific computation using private methods
Inheritance :
  • Understanding inheritance in JavaScript
  • Implementing inheritance in JavaScript
  • Single vs. multiple inheritance in JavaScript
  • Prototypal inheritance
  • Restricting Inheritance
Objects Deep Dive :
  • Understand objects in JavaScript
  • Creating Objects Using Literals
  • Creating Objects Using Constructor Function
  • Understanding this
  • Creating Inner functions and using as member variables
  • Object Initialization vs. literals
MODULE 3: OOPs JavaScript, Design Patterns, JavaScript OOPS
Object Context :
  • Understanding the object context inside member functions
  • Using apply
  • Using apply to transfer context
  • Object Context in Class functions
Variable Hoisting :
  • Understanding variable declaration
  • How declaration is diff from C type languages
  • Variable hoisting
  • Function variable hoisting
  • Scenarios
Function as variables :
  • Understanding functions as variables in JavaScript
  • Immediate functions
  • Using immediate functions for clean global namespace
  • Using Namespaces in JavaScript
  • Anonymous function applications
  • Assigning value to function variables
  • Closures
  • Closures Applications
  • Closures in Loop
  • Scope Chain
  • Eval()
Prototype :
  • Understanding Prototype
  • Enumerable properties
  • Iterating through Properties
  • Understanding proto
  • The proto chain
  • Proto Hierarchy
  • Browser Environments and proto behaviour
Advanced concepts in Inheritance :
  • Understanding inheritance in JavaScript
  • Inheritance using prototype
  • Inheritance using temporary constructor
  • Creating own extend functions for inheritance