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ZenRays provides the best Drupal Training in Bangalore. Drupal is the best platform for web content management which is used to make websites. Drupal is used among NGOs, higher education institutions, global enterprises, media etc. ZenRays Technologies offers Placement Training in Bangalore on Drupal.

  • If you are looking to start Drupal development and finding Drupal system very complex to work on, then join the best Drupal Institutes in Bangalore get mastery.

  • The Drupal training comprises from learning admin features of Drupal to module and theme development. We at ZenRays give you complete detailed Drupal training which starts from basics to advanced feature of Drupal 8.

  • To learn Drupal, basic knowledge of PHP and SQL is required which will be taught by us at the beginning of the course.

  • We provide weekly as well as weekend classes for both fresher and working professionals.

  • The training will be conducted by IITians who are also the experienced industry experts.

  • For those who want fast-track course, we have managed to bring you with 2 days’ workshop with 8hr duration per day covering all the topics.

  • Drupal Online Training Courses in Bangaloreis also available and completely hands-on.

Zenrays Review by Ankunil

Working on industry specific live project with us after being trained is icing on cake. It will not only enhance your skill but lead you to attain mastery. Say no to dummy projects and join us to get trained and opportunity to work on real time based projects.

At ZenRays we say NO to Dummy Projects. Whatever project you work on is Actual and Industry Specific. After successful completion of project your name is added as a contributor to the project which you can showcase at Interviews as a mark of your expertise.



1. How will Drupal Course help in my career?
Drupal is highly used technology known for its content management capability, portability, monetization etc. Warner group, The Economist, Lush etc uses drupal to manage large amount of content on their web. So because of its unique features and huge demand, ideally its best to learn to get the highly paid job.

2. How is Course At ZenRays Different than others?
At ZenRays, We just don't train you in Basics, but give you complete in-depth training, with regular code sessions and  brain storming. We don't make you write notes in Class. We make you code with us rigorously till you become an expert.

3. Will there be placement support after training?
Yes, we provide placement support to all our candidates who successfully complete training and live project with us. This placement support is fully free of cost.

4. Will I get certified after the complete training
Yes, you will be getting a certificate after completing training and live project. You will get certified by ZenRays in Drupal8.

Drupal Training Course Content in Bangalore

Drupal 7 Basics:
  • How Drupal began?
  • What is Drupal 7?
  • Drupal versions 5,6.Differences between them
  • What Technology Does Drupal Use
  • Drupal Architecture
  • Drupal Content Management System
  • Content Management Framework
  • Web Application Framework
Drupal Terminology:
  • Modules
  • Themes
  • Nodes
  • Blocks
Drupal Workflow:
  • Bootstrap
  • Hooks and Callbacks
  • Configuring WAMP for Drupal
Getting Started:
  • Installing Drupal 7
  • The Admin Interface-Creating Content
  • Managing Content
  • Site Building
  • Site Configuration
  • User Management
  • Reports
  • Help
Out Of Box Modules:
  • Core Required
  • Core Optional-enabled
  • Core Optional-disabled
User Contributed Modules:
  • What They Are
  • Where They Are
  • What They Do
  • Downloading and Enabling
  • Drupal Search, working with indexing and cron
  • Popular Modules
  • Module selection and evaluation
Case Study:
  • Job site setup
Layouts in Drupal:
  • Blocks and Regions
  • Default Blocks
  • Custom Blocks
  • Configuring Blocks
  • Enabling Default Blocks and Controlling the Front Page
File System:
  • Download Methods
  • File Module
  • Image Module
  • Storing user uploaded materials
Custom Content Types with the Fields Module:
  • The PAGE and the ARTICLE
  • Creating Custom Content-Types
  • Adding Fields to Content Types-Text Fields
  • Adding Fields to Content Types-Contributed Module: Link Fields
  • Adding Fields to Content Types-Contributed Module: Image Fields
  • Adding Fields to Content Types-Contributed Module: Media Fields
  • Adding Fields to Content Types-Contributed Module: : Field Groups
  • Adding Fields to Content Types-Contributed Module: Node Reference
  • Manage Display Settings-Teaser / Body Displays, Labels, Display Formats
Working with Taxonomy:
  • What is taxonomy
  • Vocabularies
  • Required Vocabulary
  • Controlled Vocabulary
  • Terms
  • Single and Multiple Terms
  • Adding Terms
  • View Content by Term
  • Storing Taxonomies
  • Module-Based Vocabularies
  • Common Functions
VIEWS: Advanced Displays With Contributed Module:
  • Overview of VIEWS
  • VIEW Types-Default Views
  • VIEW Types-Override Views
  • VIEW Types-Normal Views
  • VIEW-Handler
  • Displays-Basic Settings
Case Study:
  • Job Based site setup with job search,listing
  • Displays-Display Types,Feed
  • VIEW-Creation Basic Settings
  • VIEW-Creation Fields vs Node
  • VIEW-Creation Filters
  • VIEW-Creation Arguments
  • VIEW-Creation Relationships
  • Overview of Panels
  • Panel Layouts
  • Panel Pages
apache solr:
  • introduction to Solr search, installation
solr integration:
  • Solr integration to Drupal search.
  • Panel and views, Arguments
Case Study:
  • Social Networking site setup with messaging,Instant messaging,profiles
  • Architecture of the Theme System
  • Theme Templates
  • The .info file
  • Theme Engine
  • Hooks
  • Theme Creation
  • Where are the files?
  • Installing a Theme
  • Creating and Enabling a Customized SubTheme
  • Theme Inheritance and SubThemes
  • Modifying a Base Theme
  • Theming with a Custom Stylesheet
  • Implementation Hierarchy of preprocess hooks
  • Theme Preprocessors,hooks
  • Overriding Theme Behavior with PHP
Case Study:
  • Networking site with Custom Theme and views
  • Coding with hooks, Menu system, Permissions
  • Working with Drupal Database API
  • Creating a simple hello world module
  • Form Processing
  • Validation
  • Form Submission
  • Redirection
  • Caching in Modules using inbuilt cache
  • Creating Basic Forms
  • Module Templates,Passing data to templates from modules
  • Drupal basic caching, block level caching, Using page boost, memcached
  • Introduction, installation and working with drush.
  • Deploying drupal applications, porting
  • Working with nodeapi, form alter and other advanced hooks
Case Study:
  • HR portal setups
Drupal 8
  • Introduction to Drupal 8
  • Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7
  • Drupal 8 Architecture
  • Drupal 8 Admin Panel
  • Understanding the drupal upgrade process
  • Understanding YAML files
  • Drupal 8 configuration process
  • Drupal 8 Deployment
  • Theme customization
  • Theme development
  • Module development
  • Securing drupal site

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