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Dotnet Training in Bangalore
If you are searching for .NET course then ZenRays is the Best .NET Training in Bangalore. .NET is a framework developed by Microsoft which runs on Windows. It is an open source platform for developing different applications. With .NET one can use multiple editor, languages and libraries for building desktop, game, web, mobile and Iot Applications.

  • At ZenRays, we say no to theory approach. You have to come with the laptop and code along with the trainer.

  • Trainers are Industry Experts who is working on .NET from past 5+ years.

  • All our sessions will be interactive. 

  • We make sure that all candidates have understood the topic. Only after that we will move on to the next topic.

  • All our batch size is restricted to less number of candidates to give individual attention.

  • Along with the course we also provide Placement assistance.

  • Once you complete the course, Course Completion Certificate will be given.

Zenrays Review by Sakshi Sharma

Our training program is complemented with industry specific live project which not only helps you to apply the things you have learnt but also helps you to understand the real time based problems. This will in return take you to the stage of mastery. The last stage of the project, then you will be the well trained in the testing domain.

At ZenRays we say NO to Dummy Projects. Whatever project you work on is Actual and Industry Specific. After successful completion of project your name is added as a contributor to the project which you can showcase at Interviews as a mark of your expertise.


.NET Training Course Syllabus in Bangalore

.NET Training

Introduction to Web Programming

  • Web Programming Introduction
  • Client server architecture

Overview of HTML and Javascript

  • HTML
  • Javascript In Body Of Document
  • Javascript Event Handling
  • Javascript Clientside Validation

Introduction to MVC

  • Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

First MVC Application

  • First MVC Web Application
  • Views in MVC Application
  • Adding Model in MVC Application

Exploring Controllers

  • Controller and ActionResult Types
  • Passing Data from View to Controller
  • Action Selectors HttpGet and HttpPost
  • Built in Action Filters
  • Understanding Custom Action Filter
  • User Agent Action Filter Example
  • Asynchronous Controllers

Exploring Razor Views

  • Razor Introduction and Syntax
  • Working with Layout Pages
  • Partial Views
  • Types of Views

Digging into HTML Helper Methods

  • Introducing HTML Helper Methods
  • Binding Html Helpers to ViewData
  • Binding HTML Helper to Model
  • Display and Editor Helper Methods
  • Custom Templates for Display and Editor Methods

Understanding Model Binders

  • Default Behaviour of Default Model Binder
  • Bind Attribute

Annotations and Validation

  • Introduction and Validating Model Data
  • Remote and Custom Validation Attributes
  • Custom Clientside Validations

Web Cofiguration File and Global Application Class

  • Web Configuration File
  • Custom Error Handling

State Management Techniques

  • What is a Cookie
  • Cookies Example
  • Understanding Sessions
  • Login Example using Sessions
  • Working with Session Properties
  • Handling Global Data in an Web Application

CRUD operations using Entity Framework

  • Entity Framework and CRUD Operations
  • Writing and Using Business Objects
  • Writing and Using Generic Repository
  • Caching in Repository
  • Dependency Injection and Custom Controller Factory

URL Routing

  • URL Routing
  • Routing Features in MVC5

Working with Areas

  • Ajax Helper Methods

Bundling and Minification

  • Bundling and Minification


  • Web API Introduction
  • Simple Web API Example with jQuery Client
  • CRUD Operations using WebAPI

TDD and Debugging Web Applications

  • Unit Testing a Class
  • Unit Testing Controller in MVC

MultiLayered Architecture DemoApp

  • NTier Layered Architecture Part 1
  • NTier Layered Architecture Part 2


  • Sample Small Project

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