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ZenRays offers the best Angular 2 Training in Bangalore. AngularJS 2 is a JavaScript Framework by Google. Angular 2 plays a very important part in building modern Web Apps and Hybrid Mobile Apps. We also provide separate AngularJS Training in Bangalore course. But, by learning and getting trained in Angular 2, you will build your guarantee on Angular 1 and AngularJS TypeScript Training in Bangalore. By adding Angular 2 skill in your CV (resume), it gives more value to it and helps you get better job opportunities and higher pay package.

  • ZenRays is the best Angular 2 Training Institute in Bangalore. Along with training in concepts, we also make you do coding from the very first day of the session. We do not believe in theory, mug definitions etc. We believe in you building Angular App straight away.

  • No matter what, you are a busy working professional or you stay far away in any corner of our nation or of the globe, ZenRays provides you the options to attend our Angular 2 Training in Bangalore classroom sessions through online and Live Stream facilities.

  • You can attend short term Angular 2 Training Courses in Bangalore workshops every week, in case if you are not in a position to attend regular classes. You can complete the course in 2 days’ time, which is 8 hours duration per day.

  • Once you complete Angular 2 training in Bangalore through classroom or online, you will be working on Real Time Angular 2 Live Project in Bangalore under the guidance of our Experienced Industry Experts. These experts are also corporate consultants and regularly code for MNCs as well. And you will be coding with them.

  • We also offer you 100% Placement Training in Bangalore and 100% job assurance after the course is complete. By the end of the training, you will be already creating your very own Mobile Apps and Web pages. And that way, you will get better confidence to face any interview questions and job opportunities with the package you deserve.

  • At the end of the training and after completion of your Live Project, we will provide you Live Project Experienced Letter and Course Completion Certificate making certain that you are part of that particular project.

Zenrays Review by Sakshi Sharma

After climbing up all the steps, now it’s time to complete the final step of mastery. After getting hands-on throughout this training, the last step is to work on live project with our in-house development team. We say NO to dummy projects. The project you will work on will be industry specific and real time based.

Our aim is to let your dream come true i.e. help you to land in job with handsome salary. Hence, we at Zenrays not only let you work on the real time based projects but also provide you the experience letter ensuring your contribution in the project


AngularJS TypeScript Training Course Syllabus in Bangalore

Our course content starts from Basics to advanced level. You will learn to create from browser applications to Mobile Apps using AngularJS.


Introduction to TypeScript

  • Installing and Setting up TypeScript
  • Compile time vs Run time
  • Typescript syntax,keyword
  • Static and Dynamic typing
  • Introduction to data types
  • Functions in TypeScript
  • Creating classes and trans-piling to JS4
  • Inheritance in TypeScript
  • Understanding public,private,protected
  • Objects in TypeScript
  • interfaces in TypeScript
  • Templates

AngularJS Introduction :

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • How AngularJS is opinionated
  • AngularJS Components and Architecture

AngularJS Applications :

  • Creating Boundaries using ng-app
  • Model View Controller
  • Templates and Data Binding
  • Repeating elements in templates
  • Using Expressions, CSS Classes and Styles
  • Using Controllers for UI responsibility separation
  • Understanding Controllers Boundary and Scopes
  • Scope inheritance in Controllers
  • Responding to model changes
  • Working with inbuilt directives

Using Filters :

  • Filters Overview
  • Understanding Filter Expressions
  • Building custom Filters
  • Implementing filters and custom filters in example
  • Understanding Built-in Directives

Routing in AngularJS :

  • Understanding routing in AngularJS
  • Using ngRoute Module
  • Creating routes
  • Passing parameters to Routes

Hands On:

  • Creating a simple E-Commerce Front End Page using AngularJS.
Module 2 

Dependency Injection in AngularJS :

  • Dependency Injection
  • Services, Factories and providers
  • Modularity using Services
  • Injecting Services
  • Creating Custom Factories and Providers
  • Creating example using services

Directives :

  • Directives Overview
  • Creating Directives
  • The Directive Definition Object
  • Compilation and Linking
  • Creating Components
  • Implementing directives in the example app

Communicating with Servers :

  • Understanding server communicating with angular
  • Communicating over $http
  • Configuring the requests
  • Sending Http Headers
  • Caching Responses
  • Request and Response Transformation

Using REST :

  • Working with get to fetch data
  • Post, Put, Delete

Testing Overview :

  • Testing Models using Jasmine
  • Creating Unit tests for AngularJS Components
  • Using Protractor for end to end testing
  • Creating End to End tests for AngularJS

Advanced topics in AngularJS :

  • Creating Advanced Routes using UI-Router
  • Using local storage with AngularJS
  • Scripts optimizations
  • Securing AngularJS application

Mobile Application Development Using AngularJS :

  • Introduction to Ionic framework
  • Installation and configuring ionic
  • Creating Apps using Ionic
  • Using the ionic command line
  • Deploying Sample Application using Ionic

Routing in AngularJS :

  • Understanding routing in AngularJS
  • Using ngRoute Module
  • Creating routes
  • Passing parameters to Routes

Introduction to AngularJS 2 :

  • Setting up AngularJS 2
  • Creating component class
  • Importing
  • Bootstrapping AngularJS 2 app

Understanding about templates

  • Building a Template
  • Building a Component
  • Adding logic using Directive
  • Data Binding
  • Defining Interfaces
  • Using Life cycle hooks
  • Building Nested Components


  • Understanding about Services
  • Building a service
  • Using service in components
  • Sending http requests


  • Understanding about Routing
  • Configuring routes
  • Parameters in routes


  • Application optimization
  • Securing AngularJS code
  • Deployment

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