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Advance Java Training in Bangalore

Advance Java Training in Bangalore

Zenrays Review by Ankunil

Our training program is complemented with industry specific live project which not only helps you to apply the things you have learnt but also helps you to understand the real time based problems. This will in return take you to the stage of mastery. The last stage of the project, then you will be the well trained in the testing domain.

At ZenRays we say NO to Dummy Projects. Whatever project you work on is Actual and Industry Specific. After successful completion of project your name is added as a contributor to the project which you can showcase at Interviews as a mark of your expertise.


1. How this training will help me to shape my career?
Java is used in every domain, be it a healthcare,insurance,finance or development of E-commerce websites or android apps.Java is everywhere and Java developers are in huge demand those who have knowledge of using frameworks.So after this training you will be able to satisfy the requirements of industry during an interview which will help you to get your dream job.

2. How Zenrays differs from other training academy?
Apart from hands-on training, we are the only academy in Bangalore who is providing you the opportunity to work on live industry project under the guidance of experienced industry veterans.We make you practice daily until you attain expertise in the undertaken course.

3. Do your academy provide placement assistance?
Yes, we provide placement support to all our candidates who successfully complete training and live project with us. This placement support is not chargeable.

4. Will I get certified after the training?
Yes, you will be certified after completing training and live project by ZenRays.

Advance Java Training Course Content in Bangalore

Advance Java
  • Java OOPS concepts, need for Java
  • Classes and interfaces
  • Objects, Constructor, fields, methods, variables, keywords
  • Inheritance, method overloading and overriding, access specifiers
  • jar file, javadoc api creation
  • Package, comparing and printing objects
  • final variable and initializing
  • Bitwise operations, operators, data types
  • Generic types, Date, Calendar, Joda
  • Inner, anonymous classes
  • String, String Buffer, Regular Expressions, arrays, switch statement
  • Exception, Reflection, Clone, Assertion
  • File Handling, io package classes
  • Enum type
  • Multi-threading, concurrency
  • Data structures, Collection framework, sorting
  • JDBC, SQL, database concepts, drivers
J2EE :
  • Sockets, remote communication
  • Servlets, Webserver, http methods
  • RMI, networking
  • JavaServer Pages(JSP), JSTL
  • Java Cryptography, encryption
  • Java mail, cryptographic protocols
  • JMS
  • XML
Spring :
  • CSpring Framework, IoC, Dependency Injection
  • Spring Containers : BeanFactory, ApplicationContext
  • XmlBeanFactory, ClassPathXmlApplicationContext,FileSystemXmlApplicationContext
  • Spring scope : singleton and prototype
  • Bean Life Cycle : setup and tear down, init-method and destroy-method
  • BeanPostProcessor
  • Spring Bean definition inheritance
  • Dependency Injection: Through Constructor, setter method
  • Injecting Collection, inner bean
  • Bean Autowiring: by name, by type, by constructor
  • Annotation : Injection required true/false
  • Autowiring : setter, property, constructor, qualifier, Component, life cycle
  • Spring Wiring, loose coupling
Spring DAO :
  • JDBCTemplate ÔÇô update, queryForObject
  • PreparedStatementCreator
  • PreparedStatementSetter
  • DataSource
Spring AOP :
  • Advices: Before, After returning, After throwing, Around
  • Practical Session
Spring MVC :
  • Model-Vew-Controller
  • Controller, command class, validator
  • FormController
  • ExceptionResolver, ViewResolver
  • MVC annotations: @Controller, @RequestMapping, @ExceptionHandler
Hibernate :
  • ORM, JDBC to hibernate transition, POJO to DB mapping
  • Hibernate Config file, class annotation , associations
  • Persistence
  • Session, SessionFactory, Transaction
  • Spring and Hibernate
  • Java Persistence API
  • Entities
  • Primary Key, Persistent Fields in Entities
  • Entity Inheritance
  • Entity Manager
  • Managing Entities
  • JPQL
  • Practical Session

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